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Mopar Performance P5153898 - Mopar 6.1L Hemi Aluminum Blocks

Mopar Performance P5153898 - Mopar 6.1L Hemi Aluminum Blocks
Mopar Performance P5153898 - Mopar 6.1L Hemi Aluminum Blocks

JEGS Part Number: 312-P5153898

Gen III Hemi 6.1L Aluminum Block
  • Semi-Finished Bore: 4.114"
  • Can be bored to 4.185"
      $4,470.99 Order Today Ships 06/07/16

    Mopar 6.1L Hemi Aluminum Blocks

    Gen III Hemi Aluminum Blocks are 100 pounds lighter than 6.1L production cast iron blocks. Lightweight aluminum improves performance in more ways than one: acceleration, braking, weight distribution, and vehicle dynamics.

  • Compatible with all Gen III 6.1L Hemi engine parts
  • Gen III Hemi dress-up parts also fit Gen III Hemi aluminum blocks
  • Completely redesigned water jackets accommodate Siamese bore
  • Lifter bores can be opened to 1.060" for a bushed-style lifter
  • Camshaft bearing support area increased to permit a 60mm roller bearing
  • Billet steel main caps with 4-bolt center caps strengthen the bottom end for severe applications
  • Crankcase clearance for 4.125" stroke crank (4.250" will fit with machining around oil drainbacks)
  • Can support a dry sump package for reduced windage and to allow more engine installation options
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies have been performed to balance thermal conditions for consistent, reliable performance
  • Main bearing supports and the block's bottom end have been modified with the strength required for a forced induction 440+ ci motor
  • Additional boss in the front timing chain area for an idler, additional boss for a front gear drive, and attachments for a front motor plate

  • Mopar Performance P5153898

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