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Moroso 22045 - Moroso Oil Restrictors

Moroso 22045 - Moroso Oil Restrictors


Oil Restrictors
  • Ford 289-351W & Dart Iron Eagle Ford Block
  • 7 Pieces per Kit
      $17.99 Order Today Ships 04/07/15

    Moroso 22045 - Moroso Oil Restrictors Details

    Theses Oil Restrictor Kits reduce the oil flow to the upper engine assembly, leaving more oil available for the rod and main bearings. Reduces power-robbing windage by reducing the volume of oil passing by the rotating assembly on its return to the pan. Not for use with hydraulic roller or flat tappet camshafts.

    Kit includes:

  • Four Cam Bearing restrictors
  • One 7/16"-14 Restrictor for Lifter Gallies (Ford Only)
  • One 1/8" NPT Restrictor for Lifter Gallies (Dart Block)
  • One 1/8" NPT Plug for Lifter Gallies (Dart Block)

  • Moroso 22045 - Moroso Oil Restrictors

    Moroso oil restrictor kits limit the flow of oil to the rocker arm assemblies, leaving a greater percentage of oil for the rod and main bearings. And less oil in the top end of the engine means less oil that has to pass by the reciprocating assembly on its way back to the oil pan.

  • Reduces oil flow to upper engine assembly
  • Reduces power-robbing windage

    Note: Do not use with hydraulic lifters.

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