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Moroso 67205 - Moroso Stud Girdles

Moroso 67205 - Moroso Stud Girdles


Double Bar Stud Girdle
  • Small Block Chevy
  • 7/16"
  • Adjusting Nuts Sold Separately

    Moroso 67205 - Moroso Stud Girdles Details

    Small Block Chevy

    Hex adjusting nuts 710-67160 for the exhaust side and 710-67170 for the intake side are required and are sold separately.

    Moroso 67205 - Moroso Stud Girdles

    Eliminate Valvetrain Flex and Parts Breakage with Moroso's Single-Bar and Double-Bar Stud Girdles.

    These Moroso Stud Girdles provide high-rpm valvetrain stability for stud-mounted rockers - a necessity with high lift cams and high pressure valve springs. Designed to eliminate rocker stud flexing, power loss. Dyno testing shows a 7 to 22 horsepower gain.

    Single Bar Stud Girdles
    Feature a sturdy aluminum bar and special heat-treated U-bolts to reinforce the rocker stud, providing a positive way to lock the valve lash adjusting nuts. Includes all adjusting nuts and hardware.

    Double Bar Stud Girdles
    Provide more holding power and reinforcement using extremely high-pressure valve springs. When used with Moroso Hex Head Adjusting Nuts, valve adjustments on a Small Block Chevy and Big Block Chevy can be made with one 9/16" wrench and requires loosening only one bolt to adjust each pair of rocker arms.

    Moroso 67160 - Moroso Stud Girdles
    Only $42.99

    Moroso 67170 - Moroso Stud Girdles
    Only $39.99

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