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NOS 02119 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems

NOS 02119 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems
NOS 02119 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems

JEGS Part Number: 741-02119

SysteMAX Big Shot Nitrous System
  • 1986-95 Mustang 5.0L SFI with Holley SysteMAX EFI Manifold Only
  • 6AN Nitrous Supply Line
  • EFI Plate
  • Adjustable from 190 to 300HP
  • 10 lb. Bottle

    NOS 02119 Details

    Big Shot EFI Nitrous Systems


  • Big Shot Systems are designed for extensively-modified engines and intended primarily for competition applications. Stock Ford 5.0L blocks were not designed to accommodate a Big Shot's extra power. Thus a high-strength SVO block should be utilized.
  • High cylinder pressures are generated when using a Big Shot System, greatly increasing the load on pistons, rods,and crank using high-strength forged components is mandatory
  • Use only a high-quality racing ignition system with timing control.

  • NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems

    The NOS Big Shot Nitrous System is the World's Most Powerful Plate Nitrous System. The NOS Big Shot systems use a special "fogging" plate design. This Big Shot plate utilizes a unique spray bar that is equipped with tiny orifices precisely that dispense a powerful nitrous/gasoline mixture for unbelievable horsepower. Power output is adjustable from 190-300 horsepower simply by changing fuel and nitrous jets!

    Note: High cylinder pressures are generated with the use of these kits,this greatly increases the load on internal engine components. Forged internal engine parts are manditory!

    NOS 02119

    With Bottle
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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