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NOS 05040 - NOS Sportsman Fogger Nitrous Systems

NOS 05040 - NOS Sportsman Fogger Nitrous Systems
NOS 05040 - NOS Sportsman Fogger Nitrous Systems

JEGS Part Number: 741-05040

Sportsman Fogger Nitrous System
  • Inline 6-Cylinder
  • Carb Only

    NOS 05040 Details

    Sportsman Fogger Nitrous System for 6-Cylinder Engines

    Installation Notes:
  • To supply the carburetor and the Sportsman Fogger System in carbureted applications, use a fuel pump designed to operate between 5 and 10 psi with a flow rate of 0.1 gallons per hour per horsepower at 6 psi.
  • Due to high power levels and cylinder pressures produced by Sportsman Fogger Systems it is highly recommended that you use high quality forged pistons and rods as well as high quality racing ignition system with timing control. If horsepower gain in more than 40% of original, forged pistons are recommended.

    Jets Included:
  • Qty 12 each of #18 and #20
  • Jetting is for 65 and 110HP power levels

  • NOS Sportsman Fogger Nitrous Systems

    50-250 HP at Your Fingertips!

    The NOS Sportsman Fogger Nitrous Systems are engineered to inject a precise fuel/nitrous mixture into each port on all domestic and foreign 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines!

    These kits offer superior tuning as the horsepower levels are adjustable by simply changing the jets at the individual Fogger 2 Nozzles. An additional degree of reliability is supplied by the latest solenoid technology which allows for an adjustability range of thirty to fifty percent extra horsepower gain!

    These systems includes an empty 10lb bottle, nitrous and fuel solenoids, Fogger 2 nozzles with tap for plumbing them, filters, fittings, tubing, distribution blocks, jets, switches, braided hose, and all other hardware for a complete installation (requires removal of intake manifold for plumbing).

  • Engineered Precise Distribution
  • Superior Atomization and Tuning
  • Precise Injection Of Fuel/Nitrous
  • Adjustable Power Levels
  • Extreme Degree Of Reliability
  • Includes Necessary Electrical Hardware
  • Includes Necessary Mounting Hardware

  • NOS 05040

    Port Injected 6 cyl.
    With Bottle
    Bottle Brackets Included
    Bottle Color
    Bottle Included
    Bottle Material
    Delivery Style
    Direct port/Intake manifold
    Dual Stage
    Jet Sizes Included (hp)
    50, 75, 100, 125, 150
    Maximum Advertised Horsepower Increase
    Nitrous Bottle Capacity (lbs.)
    Nitrous System Style
    Sold as a kit
    Bracket Material
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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