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NOS 13656 - NOS Fogger Nozzles

NOS 13656 - NOS Fogger Nozzles


Jet Spray Nozzle
  • Brass
  • Requires ordering Jets separately
  • Adjustable 3AN 90deg spray pattern
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    NOS 13656 - NOS Fogger Nozzles Details

    Jet Spray Nozzle

    The NOS Spray Jet nozzle are to be used as independent nozzles for Nitrous and Fuel where installation restrictions might make the Fogger Nozzle impractical. Originally designed for hidden under-the-manifold direct port Nitrous systems they are ideal for room restricted applications. Jet Spray nozzles have a fixed metering orifice and spray at either straight or 90deg angles depending on your needs !

    NOS 13656 - NOS Fogger Nozzles

    Fogger Nozzles

    The original, patented Fogger nozzle revolutionized the way nitrous oxide and fuel was dispersed into an engine. Their unique flow designs provide superior atomization of supplemental fuel as well as more even fuel distribution within the nitrous flow. Several different designs are offered for custom tailored tuning on your specialized application !

    NOS 741-13656

    Size (in.)
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