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NOS 16104 - NOS Nitrous/Fuel Pressure Gauges

NOS 16104 - NOS Nitrous/Fuel Pressure Gauges
NOS 16104 - NOS Nitrous/Fuel Pressure Gauges

JEGS Part Number: 741-16104

Bottle Gauge Adapter
  • -6AN
  • Swivel Type
  • Can be used with Bottle Gauge or with Purge Kit
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    NOS 16104 Details

    Threaded Gauge Adapter

  • Aircraft Type Stainless Steel
  • Easy Installation
  • Keeps Contaminants Out

  • NOS Nitrous/Fuel Pressure Gauges

    The NOS Nitrous Pressure Gauges are an important element in maximizing and tuning your nitrous system. They measure from 0-1500 psi allowing you to monitor the optimal nitrous pressure of 900-950 psi. These gauges may be fitted onto the bottle or just in front of the nitrous solenoid.

    The NOS Fuel Pressure gauges are also an important component for tuning your nitrous system. The carbureted models measure from 0-15psi and the EFI models measure from 0-120 psi allowing you to
    monitor the additional fuel required for nitrous oxide.

    Note: A glycerin filled version is also available to provide vibrational dampening and allow more accurate readings.

    NOS 16104

    Fitting Material
    Fitting Size 1
    Fitting Size 2
    Fitting Attachment 1
    Male threads
    Fitting Attachment 2
    Female threads
    Fitting Attachment 3
    Female threads
    Fitting Finish
    Blue anodized
    Fitting Size 3 (in.)
    1/8 NPT
    Plug Included
    Sold individually
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