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Nitrous Express 15040

Water Methanol Low Flow Safety Switch

Nitrous Express 15040

Part Number: 744-15040

Water Methanol Low Flow Safety Switch
Ships 11/04/16
if Ordered Today
Made In USA
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Nitrous Express 15040 Water Methanol Low Flow Safety Switch $177.34

Nitrous Express 15040 Details

Low Flow Safety Switch

The Low Flow Safety Switch for use with NX water/methanol injection systems can trigger a boost cut solenoid or a timing retard module. It is designed to activate a safety mode in case you run out of Water/Methanol. The Low Flow Safety Switch allows for a safe tune in those instances where no Water/Methanol injection is present and an aggressive tune when Water/Methanol is utilized.

  • Fully adjustable alarm set point
  • Retard Timing- detailed instructions on integrating with MSD, J&S Safeguard, & other popular aftermarket ignitions.
  • Optional Solenoids to open waste gates or bypass valves to reduce boost.
  • Faster response time and can display real time flow in ml/min
  • Overflow alarm for leak detection.

  • Specifications:

    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Nitrous Express Water/Methanol Injection Systems provide increased performance with or without nitrous. Water Methanol Injection cools the incoming air charge and increases the total octane effect of pump gas. This allows you to run increased timing which results in increased power and torque. When used with Nitrous, the need for timing retard is greatly reduced or eliminated. Boosted applications especially benefit from reduced intake temperatures. NX Water / Methanol systems include the latest technology and the highest quality components available.

  • High Output Pump
  • Reservoir
  • Controller
  • Nozzles
  • All Required Hardware Needed For Installation
  • Comprehensive Instructions