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Painless Performance Products 55002 - Painless Phantom Keyless Ignition/Entry System

Painless Performance Products 55002 - Painless Phantom Keyless Ignition/Entry System
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JEGS Part Number: 764-55002

Phantom Keyless Ignition/Entry System
  • Red LED

    Have you wanted to add keyless ignition technology to your hot rod, muscle car, or 4x4? Here's the best option for both added security and convenience: The Phantom Keyless Ignition/Entry System allows for the total replacement of most current ignition switches.

  • 22mm Switch
  • No Key Tumbler for Thieves to Pick
  • LED Push Button Colors: White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow
  • Key Fob Control: Door Lock/Unlock, Dome Light On/Off, Trunk Pop

    How the Phantom System Works
    Simply remove the existing ignition switch, install the stainless backlit push button, and let the Phantom module/relay do the work for you! When more than 20 feet from the vehicle, the backlit LED push button blinks to show the vehicle has a security device and wards off potential thieves. When within 20 feet of the vehicle, the blinking LED turns solid. Use the key fob to unlock the doors, get in, press the brake pedal, and then push/hold the stainless "key" button to start the engine.

    Key Fob Functions
    Pushing & releasing the lock button locks the doors; pushing & releasing the unlock button unlocks the doors. Pushing & holding the lock button triggers the third channel to turn the dome light on/off or pop the trunk. Key fobs can be programmed to a manual or automatic mode. Manual requires "unlock" to be pushed to enable the system; Automatic enables the system instantly when the fob is within 20 feet of the vehicle.

  • Painless Performance Products 764-55002

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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