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Paxton 1201840-1 - Paxton Supercharger Systems 2003-06 Viper SRT-10

Paxton 1201840-1 - Paxton Supercharger Systems 2003-06 Viper SRT-10
Paxton 1201840-1 - Paxton Supercharger Systems 2003-06 Viper SRT-10

JEGS Part Number: 769-1201840-1

NOVI 2000 Tuner Supercharger System
  • 2003-06 Dodge Viper SRT-10
  • Satin Finish

    Paxton 1201840-1 Details

    Tuner Supercharger Systems

    NOTE: Fuel management upgrade or programming not included.

    Paxton Supercharger Systems 2003-06 Viper SRT-10

    Paxton, a tradition in supercharging for over four decades, presents the Dodge Viper SRT-10 Supercharger System as the ultimate bolt-on street package. From the gear-driven centrifugal NOVI 2000 Supercharger to the air-to-water dual pass charge cooler, you'll have power on demand.

  • Gear-driven NOVI 2000 Supercharger functions quietly with unmatched dependability
  • Supercharger drive system includes the necessary belts, pulleys, and belt tensioner
  • High-strength billet aluminum supercharger mounting plate assembly
  • Integrated air-to-water dual pass charge cooler has a maintenance-free closed loop design
  • Stand-alone timing control computer for seamless acceleration
  • High-flow bypass valves provide surge-free compressor operation
  • Oil assemblies deliver the best lubrication and cooling of the supercharger even under sustained boost
  • Inlet and discharge duct connections use heat-resistant silicon sleeves & premium stainless steel clamps
  • Compatible with factory OBD-II engine management systems
  • Reusable high-flow air filter included

  • These systems are not smog legal in California (off-road use only)
  • Complete Systems include fuel management upgrade with dual high-flow fuel pumps, fuel lines, fuel control unit, and wiring harness

    NOVI Supercharger
    Paxton Automotive NOVI Superchargers offer the ultimate in performance and reliability from a centrifugal supercharger. Based on Paxton's race-proven gear case, NOVI Superchargers use helical-cut billet steel gears (for quiet operation) and aerospace-quality high-speed bearings. A direct-to-gear, constant oiling system provides optimum lubrication and cooling even under sustained boost. Some of today's fastest race cars run NOVI Superchargers, a testament to their unsurpassed performance in the most demanding situations.

  • Paxton 1201840-1

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
    Attention Export Customers: US spec vehicles only. Paxton Complete Supercharger Systems are intended for use on vehicles made and operated in the USA. Fitment of these systems on non-US vehicles may require custom tuning.
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