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Port-A-Tree 4252

Eliminator 2000 w/Weather Station

Port-A-Tree 4252

Part Number: 791-4252

Eliminator 2000 w/Weather Station
Ships 11/01/16
if Ordered Today
Made In USA
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Port-A-Tree 4252 Eliminator 2000 w/Weather Station $462.99


Manufacturer's Part Number:

The Snap-in Weather comes attached to the Eliminator Super 2000--Ready to operate, log and save weather! Includes: Eliminator w/ Snap In, 2 Hand Switches, AC Adaptor, Software, Cable and Instructions.

Snap-in Features:

  • Attaches to back of the Eliminator 2000 - connects to serial port
  • Every 3, 5, 7, or 10 Minutes it Logs Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, and Calculates Corrected Altitude (Density Altitude)
  • Measures to .01 inches Barometric Pressure, .1 degree Fahrenheit, and 1% Humidity
  • After Race is Complete - Look up weather at time of run and Log in RT, 60 ft, 330 ft, Mid MPH, 660 ft, 1000 ft, MPH, & 1320 ft
  • Displays Race Information sorted by Tack, Corrected Altitude, or Entry Order. Scroll Information up, down, left, and right.
  • Displays E.T. with each new Weather Sample with Eliminator Super 2000 units only.
  • Powered by the Eliminator 2000 which can run on 2 - 9 volt batteries (not included)
  • Information can be downloaded to a P.C. with P.C. to Eliminator 2000 Link Utility Software (Software and Cable included)
  • All Eliminator 2000 versions 3.0 and higher are compatible, versions before 3.0 may have to be sent to our factory for a free upgrade
  • Over 150 race results can be stored in the Eliminator 2000

    Run CAlt RT 60ft
    12 1931 0.547 1.297
    13 2404 0.560 1.295
    14 2713 0.523 1.308
    Run CAlt 330f Mid
    12 1931 3.839 115.11
    13 2404 3.834 115.03
    14 2713 3.872 114.76

    The above Diagrams are how information would appear on the Eliminator 2000 LCD Display. Box on left depicts information under "Show Races." Box on right depicts scrolling to Right using Left and Right Arrow keys on Eliminator. ALL information entered is stored including RT, 60 ft, 330 ft, Mid MPH, 660 ft, 1000 ft, MPH 1320 ft, Temp, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Corrected Density Altitude, Date, Time of Run, Car Number, and Track. Use Up and Down Arrows on Eliminator to view all runs that are in Memory.

    Eliminator Standard Features:
  • Eliminator 2000 and the Original Eliminator have Always Used All LEDs. Lamps in All Locations!
  • Adjustable LED Brightness
  • Back Lit LCD Display -- ( For Night Use )
  • Keeps Track of Battery Life
  • Graphics Display - LCD Display Shows More Information on Each Screen. Dial-In & Delay Box Show before Each Run.
  • 4 Tenths or 5 Tenths Tree Speed Setting on Full or Pro Tree
  • Handicaps Both the Full Tree & Pro Tree
  • Automatic at Random Handicap in Single or Dual User Modes
  • Crossover - Leave Off the Competitor's Top Bulb Statistics - Average R.T., Best R.T., Lowest R.T., # of Red Lights, # of Wins / Losses, Review Last 10 Runs & More
  • User Log-On - (Saves Individual User Settings) Up to 10 Users by Name. Set Your Rollout, Delay Box, Dial In, & More.
  • Compete Against Computer - A Preset Reaction Time Number that you can set Using Single User Mode
  • Separate Rollout for Pro Tree and Full Tree is Adjustable by User
  • Separate Delay Box for Left and Right Lane
  • Delay Box and Dial-In Can be Adjusted Quickly on Main Practice Screen.
  • Automatic at Random Start with Adjustable Fixed Delay
  • Display Mode - Displays Flashing Tree Sequences Full Tree, Pro Tree, & Handicaps
  • Metal Stand for Hanging on Wall or Standing on Desk
  • Powers Up From: 9-Volt Batteries, Wall Transformer, or Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Shift Light Feature - 3 Adjustable Shift Points to Measure the Accuracy & Consistency of your Shifts

    Eliminator Special Features:
  • NHRA / IHRA "Auto" Start -- Just like the Track!
  • Bump Down
  • Selectable .000 or .400/ .500 Perfect R.T.
  • Top Bulb Lock Also Known As NHRA "Cross Talk"
  • Real Time Clock With Battery Backup

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