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Port-A-Tree 5300

Portatree Practice Tree Transbrake Accessory

Port-A-Tree 5300


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ON SALE - $13.19 OFF
Port-A-Tree 5300 Portatree Practice Tree Transbrake Accessory $19.80
Portatree Practice Tree Transbrake Accessory

Port-A-Tree 5300 Details

Portatree Practice Tree Accessories

Plugs into the Eliminator or Pocket Pal Practice Trees and connects to your transbrake solenoid, 2 step or 3 step, allowing you to practice in your race vehicle.


Manufacturer's Part Number:

The Portatree ELIMINATOR 2000 surpasses the features of all other practice trees while maintaining a high quality low cost unit. You can practice against a competitor or against the computer with a preset reaction time. All standard features are included and power saver mode assures maximum battery life.

  • TOP BULB LOCK - Also known as NHRA Crosstalk (crossing over on your own top light)
  • CROSSOVER - Leave off the competitors top bulb
  • SCALES - Selectable .000 or .400/.500 perfect reaction time
  • STATISTICS - Average Reaction Time, Best Reaction Time, Lowest Reaction Time, number of red lights, number of wins and losses, review last 10 runs, and more.
  • BUMP DOWN - Popular feature found in most modern delay boxes
  • USER LOG-ON - Up to 8 users by name. Set your rollout, delay box, dial in & more.
  • GRAPHICS DISPLAY - LCD display shows more information on each screen. Dial-In & Delay box show before each run.
  • Backlit LCD display with dimmer
  • Adjustable LED brightness

  • 2 Hand switches for external control
  • 4-Tenths or 5-Tenths Tree Speed Setting on Full or Pro Tree
  • Handicaps both the Full Tree and Pro Tree
  • Automatic random handicap in single or dual user modes
  • Compete against the Eliminator - There is a preset reaction time number that you can change to make it easier or more challenging
  • Separate rollout for Pro Tree and Full Tree (it is adjustable by user)
  • Separate delay box for left and right lane
  • Delay box and Dial-in can be adjusted quickly on main practice screen
  • Change quickly while in Practice mode from Full Tree to Pro Tree, Single to Dual User, Manual to Automatic Reset
  • Automatic at random start with adjustable fixed delay
  • Display mode - Displays flashing tree sequences Full Tree, Pro Tree, & Handicaps
  • Metal stand for hanging on the wall or standing on desk
  • Powers up from 9 Volt batteries, wall transformer, or cigarette lighter adapter
  • Shift Light Feature - 3 Adjustable shift points to measure the accuracy and consistency of your shifts

  • 3 Test track modes: Track 1 - Start line; Track 2 - Start & Finish 2 lanes; Track 3 - Start , 60 foot, MPH , and Finish one lane
  • Dual lane start line with Prestage & Stage photo cells
  • Single lane start line with ''REAL'' Vehicle reaction time [V.R.T.] to .001 second. The ''ULTIMATE'' way to fine tune your launch!
  • Output jack for driving full size Portatree Christmas Tree - 3 Models available
  • RS-232 Serial port for driving a large 2'' or 4'' X 15 character LED color display with wireless remote
  • System initiate - Allows user to quickly reset ELIMINATOR back to factory settings
  • Time Slip printer available for Test Track 2 and Track 3 systems
  • Extra RS-232 Port for future features

  • Full-Size Portatree Christmas Trees
  • 2 Hand switches for external stage control
  • Wall transformer to power from 110 Volt AC
  • Vehicle connections for in vehicle testing - practice reaction time in your vehicle
  • Cigarette lighter adapter to power from 12 Volt DC
  • Foot switches set for the throttle or clutch
  • Photo detectors to launch vehicle & measure - Total reaction time [R.T.], actual driver reaction time [D.T.], and actual vehicle reaction time [V.R.T.] to .001 second.
  • Snap-InTM Weather Station

    Includes: AC Adapter & 2 Hand Switches

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