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Proform 66778K - Proform Valve Lash Wrenches

Easy Kits Proform 66778K - Proform Valve Lash Wrenches
Proform 66778K - Proform Valve Lash Wrenches

JEGS Part Number: 778-66778K

Valve Adjusting Kit
  • 1/2'' Adjusting Nuts
  • Valve Lash Wrench Set
  • Feeler Gauge Set
  • Remote Starter Switch
      $59.97 Order Today Ships 05/31/16

    Proform 66778K Details

    Valve Adjusting Kits

    Kit Includes:
  • Valve Lash Wrench - 778-66778
  • Feeler Gauge Set - 885-CP7853
  • Remote Starter Switch - 555-80502

  • Proform Valve Lash Wrenches

    These simple T-handle and wrench sets make valve lash adjustments a breeze. Just choose the proper size for your application and you are ready to cut your adjusting time in half. Simply position the adjusting handle wrench over the rocker arm lock-down (make sure you have purchased the set with the proper sized wrench), and drop the appropriate T-handle down through the hole in the wrench - with one hand doing the job of two! Then make the lash adjustment with a feeler gauge according to the camshaft manufacturer's specifications.

    JEGS Easy Kits are designed by JEGS professionals so you get all the parts you need.

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