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Proform 67208 - Proform Street Series Carburetors

Proform 67208 - Proform Street Series Carburetors


Street Series Vacuum Secondary Carb
  • 750 cfm

    Proform 67208 - Proform Street Series Carburetors Details

    Vacuum Secondary Carburetors

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Changeable Idle Air Bleeds
  • Billet Metering Blocks
  • Billet Base Plates
  • Serviceable Throttle Lever
  • Notched Secondary Floats
  • Secondary Jet Extensions

  • Proform 67208 - Proform Street Series Carburetors

    Based on the wildly successful Race Series carburetors the new Proform street carburetors are constructed of lightweight aluminum. They feature changeable idle air bleeds for easy non-permanent calibration changes if needed. This means you can keep your drills in your tool box because fine tuning is accomplished by simply changing air bleeds not opening calibration restrictions with a drill bit. These carbs are affordable high-performance street carbs assembled by hand in the USA with the following quality components:

    Main Body
  • Aluminum
  • CNC'd flat surfaces
  • High-flow center section design
  • Center-hung floats
  • Changeable screw-in idle air and high-speed bleeds
  • High-performance down leg boosters (except 600 & 650 cfm)
  • Electric choke
  • Choke tower

    Metering Blocks
  • Billet aluminum
  • No warping or porosity problems
  • Changeable idle feed restrictors
  • Nonstick gaskets
  • 4-corner idle system & secondary jet extensions on mechanical secondary models

    Throttle Baseplate
  • Bright anodized billet aluminum
  • Easy-to-access secondary idle airflow adjustment
  • Torx throttle plate screws
  • Power valve blowout protection
  • Slip link linkage on mechanical secondary models
  • Adjustable secondary housing on vacuum secondary models

    Fuel Bowls
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Fuel level sight glass window
  • Externally adjustable needle & seat
  • Dual feed fuel inlet
  • Notched secondary floats

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  • Proform 778-67208

    Square Bore
    Without EGR
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