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Proform 67434 - Proform Micrometers

Proform 67434 - Proform Micrometers


  • 4'' - 5'' / .0001''

    Proform 67434 - Proform Micrometers Details

    Individual Micrometers

  • Quick Lock Levers
  • Ratchet Sops
  • Carbide Measuring Tips
  • Calibration Accessories
  • Adjuster Wrenches
  • Carrying Case

  • Proform 67434 - Proform Micrometers

    Proform Micrometers are available individually or conveniently packaged sets. These heavy-duty micrometers are a must for making critical measurements and are finally affordable for the weekend racer. Proform micrometers feature heavy-duty construction with vise jaw pads for hands free mounting, quick-lock levers, ratchet stops, carbide measuring tips, calibration accessories, adjuster wrenches, and each Proform micrometer comes in a handy and durable carrying case.

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