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QA1 MU2TK - QA1 Mustang Suspension Parts & Pro-Active Systems

QA1 MU2TK - QA1 Mustang Suspension Parts & Pro-Active Systems


Tubular K-Member
  • 1979-95 Mustang 5.0L
    • $268.99 Ships

    QA1 MU2TK - QA1 Mustang Suspension Parts & Pro-Active Systems Details

    Tubular K-Members

    When using stock control arms with this K-member, it is sometimes necessary to grind a very small amount of material from the bottom edge of the control arms for clearance.

    QA1 MU2TK - QA1 Mustang Suspension Parts & Pro-Active Systems

    These QA1 suspension parts for Mustangs are some of the most advanced ever designed. Reducing the weight is one of the keys to go fast, moving weight from your Mustang is the best place to start. By design Mustangs are nose heavy vehicles that causes issues with cornering and acceleration. QA1 offers a strong, well engineered and reasonably priced solution to cutting the weight on your Mustang to make it accelerate faster, and handle better. Made in the USA!

    Tubular K-Members
    Designed to reduce weight (up to 28 pounds), increase strength, improve geometry, and bolt-in as
    a factory swap, QA1's Tubular K-Members' mounting points have been digitally indexed from new factory pieces. Other highlights include: greater header and oil pan clearances for easier installation and maintenance; improved bump steer, anti-dive, and Ackerman angles for maximum performance; black powdercoated for durability; and the use of stock or aftermarket A-arms. When using coil-over kits, the spring perches are removable for even more weight savings.

    Pro-Active Systems
    So, put all the parts together, and what do you get? QA1 Pro-Active Systems.
    Offered with bushing or rodend-mounted control arms, each one-stop-shop system includes a coil-over conversion kit, struts, caster/camber plates, tubular control arms, and a tubular K-member.

    Coil-Over Conversion
      The Coil-Over Conversion Kit only works with QA1 Mustang Struts,   and it requires QA1's caster/camber plates (#122-CC100MU). Everything else is included to convert threaded struts to coil-overs.

    Kit contents:
  • Two 175lb springs
  • Two 2-piece upper spring caps with bearings
  • Two spring seats
  • Two spring seat jam nuts and washers
  • The Coil-Over Hardware Kit for two QA1 Mustang Struts includes spring caps, seats, and washers.

    Eco-Comp Tubular Control Arms
    Eco-Comp Tubular Control Arms are an economical choice for street and strip. They are built with QA1's exclusive compressed rubber bushings and engineered for performance.

    Pro-Comp Tubular Control Arms
    These control arms use QA1's exclusive heat-treated chromoly, Teflon/Kevlar-lined, XM Rodends. Spacers are included to allow forward and backward arm movement for wheelbase adjustment.

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