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Quick Fuel M-750 - Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

Quick Fuel M-750 - Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors
Quick Fuel M-750 - Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

JEGS Part Number: 793-M-750

Marine Carburetor
  • 750 cfm
  • Mechanical Secondaries

    Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

    Striking Satin Black Finish Looks Great While Protecting Against Corrosion

    QFT sends their expertise out to sea! These marine carburetors have billet metering blocks and throttle bodies for more precise performance & superior strength. J-tubes prevent spillage, and bleeds & restrictors allow fine-tuning.

  • Billet Metering Blocks & Throttle Bodies
  • Mechanical Secondaries (Except M-600)
  • 4-Corner Idle Adjustment (Except M-600)
  • Changeable Idle Air and High-Speed Bleeds
  • Electric Choke (Except M-850-B2 and M-4710)
  • Sight Glass Windows for Easy Float Check/Change
  • Primary Idle Feed and Power Valve Channel Restrictions
  • Quicklink Secondary for Fast Modification of Opening Rate (Except M-600)
  • Teflon-Coated Shafts with Teflon Bearing Ribbons and Stainless Steel Plates

    JEGS Easy Kits are designed by JEGS professionals to help you get all the performance parts you need.

  • Quick Fuel M-750

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