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Quick Fuel SS-680-VSK1 - Quick Fuel SS Carburetors

Quick Fuel SS-680-VSK1 - Quick Fuel SS Carburetors

Quick Fuel#793-SS-680-VSK1

SS 680 CFM Carb/Intake Kit
  • 1955-86 Small Block Chevy
  • JEGS CS 331 Intake Manifold Kit #555-513000K
  • Quick Fuel SS 680 CFM Carburetor
  • Dual Feed AN Fuel Line Kit
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Billet In-Line Fuel Filter

    Quick Fuel SS-680-VSK1 - Quick Fuel SS Carburetors Details

    Vacuum Secondary SS Carburetors

    Kit Includes:
  • Quick Fuel SS 680 CFM Carburetor (793-SS-680-VS)
  • JEGS Champion Series 331 Intake Manifold (555-513000)
  • JEGS Dual Feed AN Fuel Line Kit (555-100821)
  • JEGS Fuel Pressure Gauge (555-41010)
  • JEGS Billet In-Line Fuel Filter (555-15034)
  • JEGS Intake Gaskets (555-210002)
  • JEGS RTV Silicone Gasket Maker (555-28030)
  • JEGS Intake Manifold Bolts (555-83200)
  • JEGS Carburetor Stud Kit (555-15840)
  • JEGS Carburetor Base Gasket (555-16100)

  • Quick Fuel SS-680-VSK1 - Quick Fuel SS Carburetors

    Based on Years of Successful Track Experience

    Main Body
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Optimally sized for today's engines that have improved ring seal & cylinder heads and camshafts with incredibly flat torque curves
  • Changeable air bleeds, once only available in hardcore race carburetors, offer added flexibility for carb custom tuning if needed
  • Self-contained electric choke ensures reliable, carefree service
  • Using proven combinations of venturi and throttle bore size, optimum velocity is maintained across a broader RPM range

    Metering Blocks
  • CNC-machined from solid aluminum
  • 3 stages of emulsion help break up solid fuel for better atomization at low engine RPM resulting in improved throttle response
  • Testing confirms that 3-stage emulsion is near optimum for most street or dual purpose engines
  • Stainless steel idle mixture screw with a superior nylon seal
  • Machined internal passages ensure consistent performance so original calibration remains unchanged
  • 4-corner idle system for fine-tuning

    Throttle Body
  • CNC-machined from solid aluminum (same body used in Q-Series Carburetors)
  • 3 vacuum tube connections for PCV, full manifold vacuum accessories, and the choice (off the throttle body or primary metering block) to connect the vacuum advance of a distributor if used
  • Teflon-coated throttle shafts with Teflon ribbon bearings provide smooth, low effort operation and prevent fuel migration from the shaft, such as dripping on the intake manifold
  • Mechanical secondary carbs have the Quick Link Secondary Opening System that enables rate adjustment simply by changing links (available opening rates: 40%, 60%, 1:1)

    Fuel Bowls
  • Die-cast aluminum for cooler fuel resulting in fewer fuel percolation problems
  • Sight glass to monitor fuel level without risking fuel spillage
  • All standard service replacement parts accepted
  • Notched secondary float and secondary jet extensions

    Vacuum Secondary Carburetors
  • Exclusive billet secondary housing cover
  • Cover has an integrated screw that allows timing & opening rate adjustments with just a simple turn
  • No more swapping springs to find the right combination, an adjustable housing offers much finer tuning to dial-in application

    JEGS Easy Kits are designed by JEGS professionals so you get all the parts you need.

  • This product is legal only for use on off-highway (except in California or states that have adopted California's emissions standards), racing, or pre-emissions controlled motor vehicles/motor vehicle engines (pre-1966 domestic vehicles certified to California standards, pre-1968 domestic vehicles certified to federal standards, and all pre-1968 foreign vehicles) per manufacturer's applications guide.
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