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Racers Edge PERFCHIP18 - The Racers Edge Pain / Energy Chips

Racers Edge PERFCHIP18 - The Racers Edge Pain / Energy Chips

JEGS Part Number: 586-PERFCHIP18

Performance Energy Chips
  • 18/pkg

    Pain Chips
    The Racers Edge Pain Chips were created as a safe alternative to provide pain management for anyone who has back, neck, shoulder, knee or other body pains and needs relief or extra energy, from the average person to the Professional athlete. No chemicals, drugs or harmful ingredients enter the body. Traditional pain medicine works by chemically shutting down the body's signal that tells the brain your back, knee, shoulder or neck hurts. Unfortunately that same chemical can numb other body parts that cause you to become drowsy or slow to react.

    The Racers Edge Pain Chip works by using frequencies that only affect the pain signal. No chemicals enter your body. Therefore you get pain relief without the slowed reactions or drowsiness caused by traditional medications. Modern day quantum physics has defined the presence of an energy field within the human body. This is not the same energy known to classical physics. Effectively what physicists have described is the energy field known to Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. The Edge technology taps into this Traditional Chinese Medicine. Energy within the body flows along well-defined meridians. The proprietary method of programming within the multi-layered chips positively influences these meridians. Resulting in pain relief for back, neck, knees, shoulders and other painful body parts. Pain Management Chips are designed to be worn up to 3 days.

    Performance Energy Chips
    The Racers Edge Performance Energy Chips are multi-layered chips that adhesively binds sound vibrations into The Racers Edge Performance Energy Chips for the purpose of influencing the human vitality field. By placing Performance Energy Chips on certain acupuncture points, such as the Pericardium 6 (which is on the inside of your wrist), Performance Energy Chips can energize you. They are non-transdermal, therefore no drugs or chemicals enter your body. It's the best way to increase your strength, stamina, endurance and recovery without the use of potentially harmful substances. Performance Energy Chips are designed to be worn up to 3 days.

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