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Snow Performance 20012 - Snow Performance Gasoline Boost Coolers

Snow Performance 20012 - Snow Performance Gasoline Boost Coolers

JEGS Part Number: 860-20012

Stage 2 Gasoline Boost Cooler
  • For Applications With GM Mass Airflow Meter

    Snow Performance 20012 - Snow Performance Gasoline Boost Coolers Details

    Stage 2 Gasoline Boost Coolers

  • This kit uses the unique GM MAF frequency Hz output signal or a 0-5 volt signal. Perfect for naturally aspirated applications and forced induction applications that build boost quickly at lower rpms. This allows for accurate delivery of water-methanol and allows the most cooling and performance improvement over the widest range. More power and driveability is the result.

    Kit Includes:

  • SHO (Special High Ouput) Pump
  • 3 Quart Reservoir
  • Digital Variable Controller
  • 2 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower
  • All Required Hardware Needed For Installation
  • Comprehensive Instructions

  • Race Gas performance on pump gas!

    You get the performance of 116 octane race gas from premium gas! Snow Performance Boost Cooler will suppress detonation so you can increase boost and timing for up to 25% more horsepower - 50-70 hp gains are typical. Each system has everything to use water-methanol injection safely including new "SHO" pump, specially mapped digital variable controller for maximum power, specially designed nozzles that spin the fluid supersonically, safety switch as well as all the fittings and special parts for EZ installation. For all supercharged, turbocharged and high compression engines and it comes with available lifetime warranty.

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