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Snow Performance 46005 - Snow Performance MPG-MAX Diesel Boost Coolers

Snow Performance 46005 - Snow Performance MPG-MAX Diesel Boost Coolers
Snow Performance 46005 - Snow Performance MPG-MAX Diesel Boost Coolers

JEGS Part Number: 860-46005

OTR Diesel MPG MAX™ Boost Cooler
  • Class 7 & 8 Trucks
  • Universal

    Snow Performance 46005 Details

    New Over The Road Truck MPG MAX Boost Cooler from Snow Performance! Perfect for your Cummins ISX, CAT, Detroit or other powerplant - this MPG MAX water-methanol injection system is the only one proven to increase fuel economy in all load states. Special mapping and the most sophisticated 3-dimensional mapped digital controller available result in 5-15% MPG increases!

    The benefits of the OTR MPG MAX system are many.
  • Increases Fuel Economy (.25-1.5mpg depending on application and fluid used)
  • Decreases EGTs 200-250 deg F
  • Increases horsepower smoothly by 40-80 HP
  • Reduces Particulate Matter/Soot/Black Smoke emissions
  • Reduces NOx emissions (greenhouse gas)
  • Advanced controller automatically meters correct amount
  • Helps clean intake, valves and combustion chambers (counteracts EGR gunking and carbon deposits)
  • Does NOT cause oil dilution or increased engine wear of any kind
  • Will not adversely affect particulate matter filter like most other power adders
  • Doesn't leave a "signature" on vehicles computer so warranty isn't jeopardized
  • Will work on older trucks without computer engine management just as well

  • Snow Performance MPG-MAX Diesel Boost Coolers

    More Mileage and Power,
    Lower EGT & a Safer Engine

    For diesel applications with 10 to 100 psi boost, MPG-MAX Coolers help vehicles gain up to 3 mpg (typical results) and 70 to 100 HP. Advanced mapping controls provide precise injection amounts for light-throttle cruising or full-throttle performance. Having two inputs allows for the smoothest injection control and keeps EGT as low as possible (if temp begins to climb while boost stays constant, more water-methanol is injected automatically to compensate). A dash-mounted module displays in real time (no need for separate gauge) with on-the-fly adjustments using the LCD. No "signature" is left so vehicle warranty isn't voided. Click More Info below for contents.

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