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Speedtech Performance TARS01/09K - Speedtech Performance 1967-69 Camaro Torque Arm Rear Suspension

easy kits Speedtech Performance TARS01/09K - Speedtech Performance 1967-69 Camaro Torque Arm Rear Suspension

JEGS Part Number: 967-TARS01/09K

Torque Arm Rear Suspension Kit
  • 1967-69 Camaro
  • For use with Ford 9''
  • Shocks & Springs Included
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    Speedtech Performance TARS01/09K - Speedtech Performance 1967-69 Camaro Torque Arm Rear Suspension Details

    Torque Arm Kit for FORD 9-Inch Differential

    NOTE: Rear End Housing is NOT included.
    Kit does include (2) 122-DR3955P Shocks and (2) 122-9-220 Springs.

    Speedtech Performance introduces the NEW Camaro torque arm rear suspension. Designed to drastically improve the handling of the back of your Camaro and is the perfect compliment with a Speedtech front subframe (not required).

  • Requires NO cutting of the floor to install.
  • Some welding is required.
  • Articu-link lower control arms with Delrin and poly bushings eliminate any suspension bind.
  • Available for GM 12-bolt or Ford 9" differentials (not included).
  • Uses QA1 coil over shocks/springs or equivalent and will work with Air Ride shocks (not included).
  • Adjustable roll center panhard bar
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable pinion angle
  • Adjustable instant center location
  • Adjustable wheel base
  • Compliments Speed tech front sub frame
  • Will accept 345 tires on a 20'' rim
  • Pro Touring cars do not need a lot of articulation, but one lesson learned is that a high horsepower, high traction car can do some REALLY funny things when you apply the throttle early in a corner. With a typical 3 or 4 link suspension, the instant center is a moving target and can easily cross over the 100% line, depending on static anti-squat and amount of travel. Also, on many early chassis, a 3 link is a somewhat difficult install as there was never much structure above the driveshaft tunnel. With high-anti squat percentage and short Instant Center lengths, heavy braking can cause rear wheel hop.

    The torque arm has the advantage of a fixed Instant Center location, and a fairly long swing arm length. A torque arm doesn't allow anywhere near the amount of axle wrap we get with a short/long 3 or 4 link. There is very little pinion angle change or driveshaft slip. Also, it is typically a very easy install, requires minimal floor and frame modifications, and can even make use of existing front leaf spring mounts for the lower links. The tradeoff can be some increase in unsprung weight compared to the stock mono leaf springs, when compared to multi leafs there in virtually no difference.

    The torque arm does require some sort of pivot or floating link at the front end, as the lower links define the travel arc of the axle housing; and rigid mounting the front will cause binding. Speedtech uses a Delrin machined bushing that slides, rotates and pivots in the front mount. This also has the added benefit of locating the torque arm side to side.

    The Speedtech Torque arm is the ideal rear suspension set up for both street drivability and track performance, if you're looking for the simplest install and easy set up with maximum performance the Speedtech torque arm is your only choice.

    Torque Arm Rear Suspension Kit Includes:
  • Torque arm
  • Torque arm cross member
  • (2) Articu-link (adjustable) trailing arms
  • Adjustable panhard bar
  • Main upper cross member (now with 3" exhaust clearance)
  • Front trailing arm spring pocket mount
  • Shock mount to rear end housing brackets
  • Panhard mount brackets
  • Pinion mount
  • All hardware
  • Note: Speed Tech recommended shock and spring:
    QA1 p/n 122-DR4855P with 10'' - 220 lb. spring or p/n 122-DR3955P with 9'' - 220 lb. spring.

    *Differential Not Included*

    Speedtech Performance 967-TARS01/09K

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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