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Sunpro CP7914 - Sunpro Super Tach III

Sunpro CP7914 - Sunpro Super Tach III


Sunpro 5" Super Tach III
  • White Dial Face

    Sunpro CP7914 - Sunpro Super Tach III

    The Sunpro Super Tach III represents a dynamic transition - classic design interpreted through modern aesthetics. Sheathed in a solid metal casing decked with a striking reflective chrome finish, the Sunpro Super Tach III is adorned with aerodynamic Louvers that accentuate its streamline styling. Perched atop is a prominent blue shift light that complements the tech's retro, two-tone dial face graphics. Most important, the Super Tach III is fast, accurate and reliable, thanks to vibration proof air-core meter construction

    Sunpro Super Tach III Features:

  • Large 5" or 3 3/8" dial face
  • 0 to 10,000 RPM range
  • Vibration proof air core meter design
  • Internal settings for 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines
  • Pointer return-to-zero feature
  • Adjustable swivel mounting foot for mounting at any angle

    Sunpro Super Tach III Benefits:

  • Incandescent back lighting avoids uneven, hot spots for better night visibility
  • Highly visible bright red pointer for quick view
  • Modern DIS ignition applications are covered by the 2 cylinder setting
  • Shift light can be repositioned around tachometer body for best viewing angle

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