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Turbo Start 16VRES - TurboStart 16Volt Step-Down Resistor

Turbo Start 16VRES - TurboStart 16Volt Step-Down Resistor

Turbo Start#903-16VRES

16 Volt In-Line Step Down Resistor
  • Input: 16.8 volts
  • Output: 14.3 volts
  • Length: 4-5/8''
  • Width: 3''
  • Height: 1-3/4''
      To order this item contact Customer Service at 1-800-345-4545.

    Turbo Start 16VRES - TurboStart 16Volt Step-Down Resistor

    The Step Down Voltage Resistor is used with the 2 post 16V24 or the S16V AGM Series 16 volt battery. The 16VRES in-line resistor allows you to cut down the voltage by 2.5 volts to desired accessories (16.8 volts - 2.5 volts = 14.3 volts) which will put the desired accessory's operating voltage within the output range on today's 12 volt alternator equipped systems. It will carry 15 amps continuous or 100 amps peak for 60 seconds and should be wired in-line to the hot wire of the desired component(s). The resistor is not necessary when using the 3post 16V324 battery, the Boost Box, and the 12 volt alternator, as those components which the racer does not want to run on 16 volts can be connected to the 12 volt post.
    When running the 16V24 or S16A AGM Series two post systems, we recommend that you resistor any components using the step-down voltage resistor if the component is not listed as 16 volt compatible by its manufacturer. We recommend that wiring in the car be no smaller than 16 gauge wire. Should you have a concern regarding wire size to a component, that component should be resistored.
    **** The STEP DOWN RESISTOR is wired IN-LINE on the hot wire of the component(s) to be resistored. The unit is not to be grounded. The black wire is NOT a ground. We strongly suggest that if you are unsure as to whether a certain component is compatible with 16 volts, that you contact the manufacturer of that product for their professional opinion.

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