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VDO 600-9702 - VDO Instrument Kits

VDO 600-9702 - VDO Instrument Kits


Viewline Onyx Instrument Kit
  • 5 Gauge Kit w/Ford Transmission Sender
  • 3-3/8" Speedometer
  • Black Bezels

    VDO 600-9702 - VDO Instrument Kits Details

    Viewline Onyx Series

    Kit Includes

  • Black Bezels
  • 3-3/8" Programmable Speedo for Ford or Chrysler vehicles with push-on transmission senders, 2-1/16" Oil Press, Water Temp, Voltmeter, 10-180 Ohm Fuel Level gauges.
  • Includes 340-013 push on transmission senders, 1/8-27NPT Press Sender, 1/8 x 27 NPT x 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Press sender adapters, 3/8 x 18NPT Temp Sender, 1/2" adapter for temperature sender and 6"-23" Adjustable Length Fuel Sender.
  • 12 Volts.

  • VDO 600-9702 - VDO Instrument Kits

    These kits include everything enthusiasts need for a successful and reliable dashboard installation. Over 50 different kits are now available in VDO Silverstone, Cockpit, Cockpit Royale, Cockpit White, Cockpit White and Chrome Series 1, Vision and Vision Chrome instrument lines.

    VDO kits feature programmable electronic or mechanical speedometers, electronic tachometers (in 6 gauge kits only), oil pressure, voltmeter, water temperature and fuel gauges, as well as all required mounting accessories, senders (including the speedometer sender in kits with electronic programmable speedometers), threaded adapters, electrical connectors and easy-to-follow instructions.

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