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Vertex 918320 - Vertex Magnetos

Vertex 918320 - Vertex Magnetos


Magneto Cap & Rotor Kit
  • Chrysler V8
  • Breakerless & Single Point
    • $26.99 Order Today Ships 04/07/15

    Vertex 918320 - Vertex Magnetos

    The OAC competition Vertex magneto is compact and lightweight. It is completely self-contained and operates at ignition distributor speed (one-half engine speed). Vertex is entirely independent of the battery - it generates its own high tension alternating current and its sophisticated design incorporates an internal coil. No complicated installation procedure - quick and easy replacement with no engine modification necessary. Installed on the engine in the same manner as the battery ignition distributor. Vertex eliminates two or three or more components required for ignition. Vertex equipped hand-cranked engines eliminate the need for a battery, coil, alternator, regulator, starter and associated wiring - all for a substantial savings.

    These kits, put together by JEGS Professionals, include Magneto, Shutdown Relay Kit, Magneto Boot, Solid Core Plug Wires and Distributor Hold-Downs.

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