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Vortech 4GP218-030T - Vortech GM Superchargers

Vortech 4GP218-030T - Vortech GM Superchargers
Vortech 4GP218-030T - Vortech GM Superchargers

JEGS Part Number: 933-4GP218-030T

GM Supercharger Kit
  • V-1 T-Trim
  • Satin Finish
  • 8-10 PSI
  • 30%-75% HP Gains

    Vortech 4GP218-030T Details

    Chevy Small Block Carbureted Supercharger Kits

    Fits: Carbureted Small-Block Chevy

    Vortech's blow-through carburetor systems increase horsepower from 30% to more than 75% depending on boost level and volumetric efficiency. The kit comes with a 3.33'' pulley system that generates 8-10psi @ 5500 on a mild 350c.i.d. This System is designed to be used with a long-style water pump and OEM V-belt drives or GM Performance Parts serpentine accessory drive system (809-12497697, 809-12497698 or 809-12497869). Vortech recommends compression ratios between 8:1 to 9.5:1 with 9:1 being ideal.

    This kit includes a cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly for use with Holley #4150 or Demon 750 MD carburetor. The enclosure pressurizes the float bowls and throttle shafts for seamless response. It features front and rear -8 AN fuel inlet ports as well as multiple locations for pressure/vacuum connections. Linkage arms, splined shaft, and left/right hand spherical rod ends are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment. Carburetor studs are also supplied. For Holley or Quick Fuel carburetors use fuel fitting kit 933-8M110-020. For Demon carburetors use 933-8M110-030.


  • V-1 T-Trim supercharger
  • Vortech gear driven supercharger for unmatched reliability.
  • Supplied Belt/Pulley ratio will produce approximately 8-10 psi at 5500 rpm on a mildly modified 350 cubic inch motor (S-Trim systems)
  • Oil feed and oil drain assemblies deliver the best possible lubrication and cooling for the supercharger, even under sustained boost conditions.
  • Cast aluminum mounting bracketry with all necessary hardware.
  • 3/8" thick nickel plated steel for rigid supercharger attachment.
  • Inlet and discharge duct connection utilize-heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps. 10-rib, 6061-T6 billet aluminum supercharger crank pulley with hard anodize finish (6" diameter) and pulley spacer.
  • Integrated manual belt tensioner assembly with dual bearing tensioner pulley
  • High-flow, reusable air filter

  • Vortech GM Superchargers

    Each Vortech Supercharging System is developed to operate as a seamless addition to the base vehicle. By employing the same methods as original manufacturers, Vortech engineers create integrated supercharger systems that appear as if they're original equipment yet operate at an even higher level of sophistication. The boost curve generated by Vortech Superchargers is ideally matched with today's highly evolved engines and provides a power-when-you-need-it sensation. The supercharger and its subsystems fully integrate into the vehicle's existing platform, yielding a smooth continuity of power and performance.

    Tuner Kits
    These configurations are designed for those qualified tuners or race shops who do not require the fuel managements items included in Vortech's standard systems. Among the items excluded are fuel pump, fuel injectors, FMU, air inlet assembly (T-Trim models), and ECM programmer or timing controller.

  • Gear driven, centrifugal supercharger with SQ technology provides quiet operation and unmatched reliability
  • Technologically advanced, high-efficiency compressor stage design developed in Vortech's supercharger test cell
  • Supercharger drive system includes all necessary belts, pulleys, idler and tensioner
  • High-flow bypass valve provides surge-free compressor operation
  • Fuel management/calibration components used are high-capacity fuel injectors, high-flow fuel pump, fuel management unit (FMU), high-flow MAF, ECM chip or module, ECM re-programmer and timing controller (These items vary per application. Click More Info below for details.)
  • Oil feed & oil drain assemblies deliver the best possible lubrication and cooling for the supercharger, preferred for sustained boost conditions
  • High-flow air intake configuration with reusable air filter and specially designed inlet ducts for superior fit
  • Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat-resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps
  • OE-type cast aluminum or billet aluminum mounting bracketry for rigidity and a factory-installed appearance
  • Compatible with factory OBD-II engine management systems

  • Vortech 4GP218-030T

    Fuel Injectors Included
    Filter Included
    Bypass Valve Included
    Carburetor Flange
    Square bore
    Computer Chip/Programmer Included
    Electric Fans Included
    FMU Included
    Fuel Pump Included
    Intercooler Included
    Sold as a kit
    Supercharger Finish
    Supercharger Model
    Supercharger Trim
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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