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Wilwood 15E-9820K - Wilwood Polymatrix ''E'' Compound Brake Pads

Wilwood 15E-9820K - Wilwood Polymatrix ''E'' Compound Brake Pads

JEGS Part Number: 950-15E-9820K

Polymatrix ''E'' Brake Pads
  • Calipers: Wilwood DLS, Aerospace, M-W, Outlaw, Sierra/JFZ, Strange, US Brake
  • Thickness: 0.50''

    Medium-friction Polymatrix "E" Compound offers the highest effective range in the medium temperature pad group and smooth engagement with consistent response from a flat torque curve throughout its entire effective temperature range. Pads bed quickly, provide fast response without excessive abrasion on iron or steel rotors, and have the best overall wear properties in the medium temperature group.

  • Drag racing with iron or steel rotors
  • Performance street category competition
  • Light-to-medium duty road racing and track day events
  • Most dirt track applications, including Super Late Model, Modified, and rear inboard Sprint using vented iron rotors

    Wilwood Brake Pad
    Selection/Application Guide

  • Wilwood 950-15E-9820K

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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