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ZEX Nitrous 82042 - ZEX Injector Plates

ZEX Nitrous 82042 - ZEX Injector Plates
ZEX Nitrous 82042 - ZEX Injector Plates

JEGS Part Number: 243-82042

Injector Plate Gasket
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    ZEX Nitrous 82042 Details

  • Carb Gasket

  • ZEX Injector Plates

    Update obsolete spray-bar nitrous systems with the latest in plate system technology

    Unlike traditional nitrous injection plates, the ZEX Perimeter Plate employs multiple injection points to ensure that a perfectly atomized, cylinder-to-cylinder balanced blend of fuel and nitrous reaches your engine. The new ZEX Perimeter Injection technology eliminates nitrous delivery imbalance; the major drawback with spray-bar type nitrous systems. Best of all, owners of vehicles currently using the old technology spray-bar systems can purchase the new ZEX Retro-Fit Kit which includes only the ZEX Perimeter Plate and appropriate gaskets. This inexpensive alternative immediately delivers all the benefits of the Perimeter Plate system without having to purchase an entirely new nitrous kit.

    The benefits of the ZEX Perimeter Plate go beyond the obvious Perimeter Injection technology. Cryo-Sync technology flows the nitrous through a set of internal plate passages before entering your engine. This advanced, new technology turns the plate into an ultraefficient heat sink, cooling your carburetor and intake manifold for additional power. Airflow Enhancement technology injects the nitrous shot at an optimized angle, low and towards the center of the intake plenum. This new design creates a low-pressure area in the plenum that substantially increases airflow into your engine, further improving power.

    ZEX Nitrous 82042

    Carb Type
    4150 Style Square Flange
    Carb Type
    Standard Square Flange Baseplate
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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