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AEM EMS-4 Universal Standalone Engine Management System

AEM EMS-4 Universal Standalone Engine Management System

AEM's EMS-4 Universal Standalone Programmable Engine Management System is the ideal standalone Engine Management System if you need complete engine control for your Powersports or 4-cylinder race vehicle. This light, compact and powerful computer features robust Series 2 EMS hardware in a weather and shock proof enclosure, with a 36-pin connector specifically designed to survive harsh racing environments.

Durability aside, a main advantage to the EMS-4 Universal Standalone is its affordability. It has all of the features you need and nothing you don't (like AC, power locks, stereo, etc.) If you have converted your racecar, motorcycle, quad, side by side or other race vehicle (up to four cylinders) to dedicated race status, it will save you money and time.

  • Affordable, powerful engine control for your Powersports or 4-cylinder (or less) dedicated race vehicle
  • Durable weather/shock proof enclosure designed for harsh environments
  • Compact size (4.8" x 4.55" x 1.44")
  • Light weight (7.2 ounces/204 grams)
  • Available flying-lead wiring harness simplifies installation (sold separately)
  • Fully enabled and unlocked - never pay for upgrades
  • Runs on proven AEMtuner software
  • Password protected maps
  • Works with MAG and HALL crank inputs
  • Can directly drive smart coils or an external igniter
  • 4 Saturated Injector Drivers
  • 4 Coil Triggers
  • 8 General Purpose Inputs/Outputs
  • O2 Input
  • Knock Input
  • 8 MB Internal Data Logger
  • VSS Hall Input
  • CAN Data Stream
  • USB Comm Port

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    AEM 30-2905-0 -
    EMS-4 Plug and Pin Kit
  • 18" Universal Harness for EMS-4
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