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ATI Timing Chain Covers

ATI Timing Chain Covers

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The early small block Chevrolet and the later LT1 and LS1 engines all present problems when supercharging. The original Small Block and the LT1 have a shaft size of 1.245" and a seal diameter of 1.760 leaving the hub wall thickness at .257" or just over 1/4". Many engine builders put a 1/4' key in the crankshaft leaving just 1/8" of material between the groove and the seal surface. The result is a failed hub that destroys the damper and the nose of the crank shaft. The later LT1 and LS1 are even worse with just a press fit and no keys; a total disaster when you try to supercharge and drive the blower from the damper. To remedy this situation, ATI now manufactures a variety of Small Block Chevrolet hubs for supercharging.

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Timing Chain Covver
  • SB-Chevy
  • BB-Chevy 2.331" Seal Diameter
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