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ATI Turbo 400 SuperCase

ATI Turbo 400 SuperCase

This all new cast aluminum Turbo 400 SuperCase from ATI has been in development for over 2 years! The SuperCase is designed and machined 100% at an ATI plant and cast in the USA. The TH400 SuperCase has improved fluid pathways to assure better performance while on the street or at the track. Each case is CNC Machined on a 4-Axis Horizontal CNC Machine which allows for minimum depth valve body passages which yield extremely fast transbrake releases and quicker shift times. The SuperCase will also accept any of ATI's SFI bellhousings (Chevy, Ford & Mopar), along with the Reid bell (requires slight modifications) and Browell cans.

  • Heavy Duty 356-T6 sand cast aluminum case (stronger than permanent molding)
  • Meets SFI 4.1 & 30.1 specs with no internal shield needed!
  • Accepts OEM transmission pans, extension housings & 99% of all stock internal components.
  • Dual pattern bell mount accepts ATI Super Bells for many engines and other bells on the market.
  • Additional center support lugs for which provide increased 2nd gear strength, includes modified pressure plate.
  • Provisions for three extra bolts added to help secure the center support and intermediate pressure plate.
  • Increased thickness extension housing/output shaft bearing area provides extra support for 4WD units.
  • Roller bearing for output shaft (bushing not included)
  • Cooler lines accept PG quick-connect lines and other popular cooler hose fittings.

    JEGS Easy Kits are designed by JEGS professionals so you get all the parts you need.

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    Turbo 400 SuperCase

    TH400 SuperCase
  • Includes Chevy Bellhousing
  • SFI 4.1 & 30.1 Specs
  • $1,565.99

    TH400 SuperCase
  • SFI 4.1 & 30.1 Specs
  • $1,363.99

    TH400 SuperCase Tailhousing
  • With Roller Bearing Extension
  • $193.99

    TH400 SuperCase Kit
  • SFI 4.1 & 30.1 Specs
  • ATI TH400 SuperCase with Bellhousing
  • JEGS Transmission Pan
  • TCI Roller Bearing Aluminum Tailhousing
  • Easy Kits

    Adapter Rings

    Adapter Ring
  • ATI Super Bell to TH400 Case
  • $245.99

    5 Products