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Accel 300+ Race Wires with Pro Sleeve

Accel 300+ Race Wires with Pro Sleeve

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The oversized 8.8mm spark plug wires feature a double silicone construction rated at over 600°F and 60kV. The high gloss black silicone wire jacket not only looks great, but resists heat extremes, petrochemicals, ozone and moisture better than so-called blended materials for greater durability and longer life. The high-density, high-temperature silicone insulation provides greater dielectric strength and eliminates arcing and the effects of corona better than the typical OE style rubber materials.The all-Kevlar stranded inner core and fiberglass braiding adds greater pull strength and terminal retention.The stainless steel and brass terminals provide unsurpassed electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance compared to terminals made of common or plated metals.

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ACCEL offers 300+ FERRO-SPIRAL Race Wire Sets sets...
that are custom tailored for race engines. These sets feature all the benefits of the custom fit sets plus they have been specifically designed to fit race engines equipped with racing distributors and headers. These Accel sets have been designed with custom wire lengths to route the wire either over the valve covers or down the back of the engine block and under the headers, helping keep the wires from being damaged by the heat of the exhaust system. Some wire sets feature ACCEL Pro-Sleeving with heat shrink tubing to provide even greater protection from heat, abrasion and flying debris. Each wire set comes with an extra long, non-sleeved, universal coil lead and boot/terminal kit that allows you to tailor it for your specific setup.

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SB-Chevy (Sleeved)

Accel 7004 - Accel 300+ Race Wires with Pro Sleeve
Accel 300+ Ferro-Spiral Race Wire Set
  • Wires Over Valve Cover
  • Male tower or HEI Style Distributor Cap
  • Pro Sleeving - From Spark Plug Boot Up 15" On Lead
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