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Accel Digital Nitrous Processor

Accel Digital Nitrous Processor

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The most advanced nitrous controller available!
If you are running nitrous, this is a must have. It monitors the status of your engine and controls the amount of nitrous flow based on user-defined variables. This allows you to run larger amounts of nitrous while safely protecting your engine.

  • RPM Progression Mode - When selected, the DNM starts nitrous flow at 1% and progressively increases to 100% as the RPM increases (start RPM and full RPM are independently selectable). This greatly reduces strain on engine internals at low RPM where the engine cannot take a large nitrous charge.
  • Launch Mode - When activated this will ramp the nitrous charge in over a selectable period of time (0 to 12 seconds). This eliminates wheel spin at lower speeds and reduces elapsed times.
  • Activation Delay Mode - This allows you to delay nitrous activation for a selectable amount of time in milliseconds. This allows the chassis to settle after initial launch before starting the nitrous flow eliminating wheel spin at the launch.
  • Timing Retard - Gives you up to 15-degrees of timing retard when the nitrous starts flowing.
  • Low Fuel Pressure Protection - If fuel pressure drops, th eDNM will autoatically cut nitrous flow to prevent engine damage due to the lean condition that will occur when fuel pressure drops.
  • Top End Rev Limiter - Progressively cuts spark at a user selectable RPM to eliminate engine damage caused by over revving. Also cuts nitrous and fuel 50 RPM before this rev limiter kicks in, preventing backfires due to nitrous build up in the exhaust system.
  • Two Step Rev Limiter - A low RPM limiter can be activated for use with a transbrake or as a burnout limiter. The DNM cuts nitrous and fuel when the two-step rev limiter is activated.
  • This unit can also be triggered from a factory TPS (throttle position sensor) to eliminate the need for a full throttle switch.

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