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Accel Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective Ignition Wire

Accel Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective Ignition Wire

The Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective technology is not a paint. It is a multi-step process using patented materials. Permanently bonded to the Accel spark plug boot, it will not rub, peel or flake off and stays as flexible as the silicone spark plug boot itself. Accel's patented Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective coating is rated to 1,200°F. The heavy duty stainless steel alloy winding, aramid/fiberglass core and stainless steel spark plug terminals make these some of the best firing, longest lasting wires you'll own!

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During dyno testing Accel compared two identical spark plug boots, one protected by Accel's heat reflective technology and the other unprotected. The two boots had the same 1/2'' air gap clearance with the exhaust manifold. When the engine was put under load the manifold temperatures reached 1000F. The unprotected boot began burning in 9 minutes, and after 12 minutes the boot began arcing, resulting in engine misfire. The internal temperature of the unprotected boot after 12 minutes reached 680°F. Meanwhile, the Accel Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective protected boot's internal temperature never exceeded 430F--even after 2 hours of continuous abuse!

Note: Accel's Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective coated spark plug boots are not flame proof, they are heat resistant!

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Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective Spark Plug Wire Set
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    Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective Spark Plug Wire Set
  • 1999-2002 Dodge Magnum Truck 5.2/5.9L
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