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Altronics PerformAIRE PC Weather Station

Altronics PerformAIRE PC Weather Station

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The Altronics PerformAIRE PC allows your Personal Computer to gather weather data and predict the performance of your vehicle. An externally mounted sensor housing and wind sensor provides weather data with a single cable connection to the USB port of your PC. The aluminum extruded Sensor housing is fan controlled and provides accurate readings in direct sunlight. Altronics PerformAIRE Paging Option allows weather and prediction data to be sent to a pager that you can clip on your belt or keep in your car. Range is over 2 miles!

Each Altronics PerformAIRE PC Weather Station includes the easy to use RaceWORKS logbook software that allows for complete run storage, weather tracking and logging. Along with maintenance, race analysis track position distance calculator, and Multiple and Single run prediction calculations. Multiple logbooks can also be created for different vehicles and each logbook can hold multiple events.

**NOTE: PC/Laptop not included.

Features and Options
  • Fan Controlled
  • PC Powered
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Absolute Pressure
  • Air Density Ratio
  • Dew Point
  • Correction Factor
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Grains of Water
  • Density Altitude
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • ET Prediction
  • Throttle Stop Prediction
  • Throttle Stop Ratio
  • 1 Run Predictions
  • Wind Correction
  • Multiple Variable Prediction
  • Sea Level ET
  • Performance Tuning
    Note: * = Optional Accessories for Base System
  • % Oxygen*
  • Oxygen Altitude*
  • Paging (Weather and Predictions)*

  • 11 Products

    Weather Station Systems

    PerformAIRE PC Weather Station
  • Basic Unit
  • $656.99

    PerformAire PC Weather Station
  • Oxygen Sensor Equipped
  • $858.99

    PerformAIRE PC Weather Station
  • Basic Unit with Paging
  • $1,514.99
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    PerformAIRE PC Weather Station
  • Oxygen Sensor Equipped with Paging
  • $1,514.99

    Optional Accessories

    Replacement Wind Vane
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15

    Replacement Pager
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15

    Paging System
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15
    Paging System Power Supply Converter
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15
    USB Cable Extenstition
  • 150-feet, Non-powered
  • $128.99
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15

    PAPC Waterproof Bulkhead Connector
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15
    Ground Plane Antenna Adapter
  • Mounts Antenna to Sensor Post Instead of Trailer
  • $103.99
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15

    11 Products