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B&M QuickSilver Shifters

B&M QuickSilver Shifters

B&M's QuickSilver Shifter offers style and stout performance wrapped in a classic package. This premium ratchet action shifter provides performance shifting without a trigger. To access Park or Reverse from Drive, just lift the knob/stick and move it forward into position. You won't miss a shift!

  • Dimensions: 12.22" L x 6.21" W x 12.23" H
  • Can be used with a reverse pattern valve body
  • Reverse lockout meets NHRA and IHRA requirements
  • Cable-operated for quick installation and precise shifts
  • Universal floor mount (Base can be trimmed to custom fit any floor)
  • Includes cable, neutral safety switch, back-up light switch, chrome knob, and lighted gear indicator

    GM F-Body Console QuickSilver Shifter
    The QuickSilver Shifter is available for GM F-Body consoles and, when installed, it looks like original equipment but with B&M features.

    JEGS EZ Complete Kits are designed by JEGS professionals so you get all the parts you need.

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    QuickSilver Shifters

    QuickSilver Shifter
  • GM TH400, TH350, TH250, TH200, TH700-R4, TH200-4R
  • Ford C4, C6, AOD (AOD Requires Install Kit 130-40496)
  • 1966-Later Chrysler TF A727 and TF A904
  • $212.99
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    QuickSilver Shifter with Ford AOD Kit
  • Includes Necessary Kit for Ford AOD Transmission
  • Easy Kits
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    Console QuickSilver Shifters

    Console QuickSilver Shifter
  • 1968-69 Chevy Camaro
  • GM TH400, TH350, TH700-R4
  • $258.96
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    Console QuickSilver Shifter
  • 1970-81 Pontiac Firebird
  • 1973-81 Chevy Camaro
  • GM TH400, TH350, TH700-R4
  • OE Cable Required (Not Included)
  • Was: $225.99
    Now: $208.99
    Order Today Ships 12/12/14
    Replacement Parts

    Replacement Cover
  • For 130-81025
  • Black Textured
  • $30.00
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    Replacement Top Cover
    Order Today Ships 12/10/14

    Replacement Indicator Window
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    Replacement Indicator Light
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    8 Products