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B&M Precision Sport Shifters

B&M Precision Sport Shifters

B&M Precision Sport Shifters enhance the art of driving. There are few better joys in a sports car than rowing through the gears. To do it right, though, you must have the right tools. And a B&M Precision Sport Shifter is just the thing to get the job done. Precise transmission control not only reduces time between shifts, but the strict tolerances engineered into each sport shifter provides the driver with solid feedback. This allows you to orchestrate the "three pedaled tango", and engage the clutch and throttle at the perfect moment. This not only maximizes engine output, but allows for smooth heal toe downshifting, making it easier to hit the apex on your favorite track or canyon road.

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Precision Sport Shifters
  • GM

  • 130-45052
    Precision Sport Shifter
  • Chevy Camaro 1993-02 with 6 Speed T56
  • Pontiac Firebird 1993-02 with 6 Speed T56
  • 30% Throw Reduction
  • $221.76
    Order Today Ships 07/14/15

    Precision Sport Shifter
  • Chevy Corvette 1997-07
  • C5 & C6 Including Z06
  • 33% Throw Reduction
  • $251.49
    Order Today Ships 07/10/15

    Precision Sport Shifter
  • Pontiac GTO 2004-06
  • 37% Throw Reduction
  • $244.23

    3 Products