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B&M Transmission Shield & Locking Dipstick

B&M Transmission Shield & Locking Dipstick

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B&M Transmission Shield
Sold seperately, the B&M Transmission Shield protects drivers from drum explosion. Made of high-strength, lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum, this SFI-approved shield for Powerglide transmissions has an adjustable belly strap for use with a standard or deep pan and a smooth-edge finish for protection and extra cooler line clearance. To save installation/removal time, the shield is precision-fitted, and all necessary hardware is included. For 1996-Later Powerglides, the hole and pem nut are SFI-approved. The nut allows a dipstick tube to be bolted to the shield's right side.

B&M Locking Dipstick
Sold seperately, is designed to be used with a trans shield for standard Powerglide, Dedenbear, and JW cases, this short locking dipstick attaches directly to the shield. The stick's knurled screw-on cap is machined from billet aluminum and has an O-ring seal to prevent leaks. The dipstick plugs into the transmission with a sealing grommet (standard on most new GM transmissions).

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Locking Dip Stick

Locking Dipstick
  • Fits Powerglide, Dedenbear, JW
  • Screw-On Cap
  • $92.99

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