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BD Diesel Performance Flow-Max Lift Pumps

BD Diesel
BD Diesel Performance Flow-Max Lift Pumps

The BD Diesel Performance Flow-Max Lift pumps are a great addition to your stock or modified diesel truck! The stock fuel pumps often fail with little to no performance upgrades which will result in a costly injection pump replacement! The Flow-Max pump will easily flow 150 gph (gallons per hour) at 10 psi and up to 165 gph at full flow making it possible to supply ample fuel flow for more than 600 hp. This Gerotor design pump has a Hard Anodized Aluminum Body that is quieter, more compact and more durable than the competitor's pumps. The Flow-max pumps also come complete with hoses, mounting hardware and vibration isolators.

  • 150 GPH at 10psi, 165 GPH full flow
  • Proven gerotor design reduces number of moving parts for greater reliability
  • Poppet pressure regulator is superior to ball and spring designs
  • 10% smaller and 16dB quieter than competitive products
  • Covered by a 5-Year Limited Warranty

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