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BD Diesel Performance X-Flow Power Intake Elbows

BD Diesel
BD Diesel Performance X-Flow Power Intake Elbows

The BD Performance X-Flow Power Intake Elbows are made of cast aluminum and are designed to improve turbo response time on acceleration. The large intake plenum holds more air and the fastening bolts have been moved outside of the intake to reduce airflow turbulence.

The elbows feature two convenient ports making it easy to monitor boost and /or inject nitrous oxide, water methanol or propane injection for additional power.
These can be used with BD Performance X-Intake Air System for increased air flow.

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Polished Ford X-Flow Power Intake Elbows

X-Flow Power Intake Elbow
  • 2005-2007 Ford 6.0 Diesel
  • Polished
  • Two Ports
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