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Baileigh B-Lube - Tube and Pipe Bending Lubricant

Baileigh B-Lube - Tube and Pipe Bending Lubricant

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Developed for bending and end-forming automotive exhaust tubing, B-Lube is a synthetic gel formulated as a lubricant for draw bending tube and pipe. It forms a high-strength lubricating film on the mandrel and ID of the tube that will not slump or run off even under high temperatures.

  • Recommended for steel, stainless steel, 409SS, and aluminized 409SS tubing
  • For difficult bending, B-Lube should be used as a concentrate
  • For lighter duty bending, B-Lube can be diluted up to 3-to-1 with water
  • For aluminum, mix 1 part petroleum or vegetable oil-based drawing compound to 2-3 parts B-Lube
  • Apply by hand or mandrel rod lubrication system capable of pumping higher viscosity fluid or grease
  • It is important to maintain sufficient lubricant on the tool to keep it liquid and prevent drying out

  • Environmentally & Operator Friendly
  • No Hazardous Ingredients... No Petroleum Oil, Chlorine, or Sulfur
  • Can Be Welded Through Without Cleaning
  • Spreads Evenly & Does Not Run From High Temperatures
  • Cleans Easily in Low Temperature Water-Based Solutions

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    Baileigh B-LUBEQT - Baileigh B-Lube - Tube and Pipe Bending Lubricant
    B-Lube (Tube and Pipe Bending Lubricant)
  • Biodegradable
  • 32 oz
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