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Baileigh Tube Notcher TN-800 110-Volt

Baileigh Tube Notcher TN-800 110-Volt

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The TN-800 tube notcher is the perfect notching machine for the fabricator who needs to cope or fish mouth the ends of tube at 90-degrees, or variable angles for applications such as hand railing, chassis and much more. This end mill notcher is the only one on the market that requires only one end mill to notch all the way up to 3'' OD. It employs a very unique design where the operator dials in the OD that they wish to notch to. So, if the operator needs to work with 1-1/4'' Schedule 40 for a hand railing application he or she would simply dial in 1.660'' and the tube notcher will change its eccentric path and produce a perfect notch. This patented feature saves the fabricator thousands of dollars every year in tooling costs. No other end mill notcher has this profitable feature.

The Baileigh TN-800 tube notcher uses a sturdy ductile iron cast frame that weighs 610 lbs. A heavy frame reduces vibration allowing for faster notches and longer tooling life. Attention to detail in the design will benefit the serious fabricator for decades of use. The rugged pipe notcher vise uses a V-Block design that allows the part to stay on center with the cutter, as well as it provides a better hold for round profiles. There is an offset adjustment when this type of cope is required. This tube notching vise has a quick release taper lock system that allows it to be adjusted to a new angle in seconds, saving time and money.

The vise has a rugged X- and Y- adjustment and a large hand wheel that actuates the tube notchers eccentric cutting motion. The actuating hand wheel is clutched so the operator can only turn it in one direction. This eliminates the possibility of climb milling. This pipe coper design is perfect for fish mouthing the ends of tubing and pipe of varying wall thickness and outside diameters.

The TN-800 end mill notcher requires 110-volts of single phase power at 60 Hertz making it the perfect mobile notching machine. The TN-800 comes mounted on a heavy duty cart that has large wheels and casters that makes it perfect for moving around any job site. Of all other tube notchers on the market no other boosts of such great design features and quality.

Changing over one of the tubing notchers, like the TN-800 pipe notcher from one diameter to another with varying angles can be accomplished quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. No other notching machine on the market compares.

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Baileigh TN-800 - Baileigh Tube Notcher TN-800 110-Volt
TN-800 End Mill Pipe/Tube Notcher
  • 110-Volt
  • $189
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