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Demon Marine Mighty Demon Carburetors - Blower Calibration

Barry Grant
Demon Marine Mighty Demon Carburetors - Blower Calibration

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The Blower Calibrated Mighty Marine Demon is setup for marine applications needing a carburetor for force induction engines and to maintain the USCG standards for marine carburetors. The Marine Mighty Demons feature many of the same features that make the Mighty Demons great automotive carburetors. Designed for engines with cam profiles up to 260 degrees duration at .050''. They offer great throttle response, easy tuning, great fuel economy, and idle quality as well as top end performance. This will give you exceptional overall performance whether you're traveling at idle speed through a no wake zone or on a wide open throttle top end run.

The Marine Mighty Demons are designed to meet/exceed all U.S.C.G. guidelines for marine carburetors.


  • Contemporary design
  • J-tube bowl vents
  • Sealed throttle shafts
  • Removable billet baseplate
  • Built-in power valve blow-out protection
  • CNC-machined billet metering blocks
  • 4-corner idle adjustment
  • Large capacity float bowls with patented float level sight glasses
  • Most common tuning parts interchange from other manufacturers (Jets, Power Valves, Squirters, etc. )

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    Billet Baseplate

    First large carburetor with removable baseplate. The billet baseplates on all Demon carburetors (where featured) are virtually unbreakable, unlike their cast counterparts.
    Air Intake

    Offers a new die-casting technology, which provides the most accurate, repeatable method of producing concentric venturii without misalignment or shift.
    Fuel Bowl

    Demon float bowls are supplied complete with sight glasses, which permit float level adjustments without the risk of fuel spillage.
    Metering Blocks

    CNC-machined metering blocks from billet aluminum prevent porosity and variations in the metering circuits

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