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Biondo The Little Wizard Delay Box

Biondo The Little Wizard Delay Box

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This Biondo Super Crossover delay box features an ultra bright lighted display and back lit, glove friendly control buttons. It measures a very compact 4-1/2'' x 3'' x 1-3/8'' for easy placement in the cockpit. It's very simple to operate, you can see the four items on the easy to read display. They are ''Y'', for Your dial-in, ''T'' for Their dial-in, 1 for Delay 1 and 2 for Delay 2. This box is also crosstalk compatible. The Little Wizard features Tap Up/Tap Down for quick setting as well as two delays for a double hit. The Driver Reaction Tester keeps your reaction times down. Compatible with all cylinder engines and ignitions, as well as 12 and 16 volt systems.

  • Compact, Simple, & Effective Design
  • Easy To Read Display
  • Back Lit Screen & Glove Friendly Buttons
  • Crosstalk Compatible
  • Compatible With 12 or 16 Volt Systems

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    Delay Box

    Biondo TLW - Biondo The Little Wizard Delay Box
    The Little Wizard Delay Box
  • Crosstalk compatible
  • Tap up / Tap Down
  • Crossover with a secondary delay, and "How Late"
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible
  • A Separate Output that can be hooked up to a linelock for anti-roll staging
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