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Blueprint Pro Series LS 427ci Engines

Blueprint Engines
Blueprint Pro Series LS 427ci Engines

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.

Retrofit Engines
Here's all you need to install a 427 cubic inch beast into your ride: new GM block; new GM LS3 cylinder heads; forged crank, pistons, and rods; performance hydraulic roller camshaft, lifters, and roller rockers; oil pan.

Upgrade Engine
Swap your 1998-2010 Gen 3 or 4 engine for a 625HP 427 cubic inch powerhouse! This engine is specifically designed to replace existing LS engines. Assembled with new GM block and new GM LS3 cylinder heads, plus forged crank, pistons, and rods. The engine also includes a performance hydraulic roller camshaft & lifters with upgraded roller rockers.

Blueprint Pro Series Engines are dyno tested (dyno sheet included) and have a 30-Month/50,000-Mile Warranty. Your Blueprint Engine was tested with the components and specifications listed below. If you prefer to install different part(s), your engine may not produce the horsepower recorded on your dyno sheet.

  • Engine Part Number: PSLS4270CTC
  • Fuel Delivery: Carbureted, 850 cfm
  • Spark Plug: ACDelco 41-110
  • Spark Plug Gap: .040"
  • Harmonic Balancer: Non-Weighted
  • Flexplate/Flywheel: Non-Weighted
  • Stall Converter: 2200+
  • Intake Manifold: Single Plane, Satin Aluminum
  • Fuel Recommendation: 91-93 Octane
  • MSD 6012 Ignition System
  • Timing (Initial/Total Advance): Ignition Box Required
  • Firing Order: 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3

  • 4 Products
    Retrofit Engines

    LS 427ci Dress Retrofit Engine
  • Carbureted
  • 605 HP, 545 TQ
  • $189
    Order Today Ships 04/13/15

    LS 427ci Dress Retrofit FI Engine
  • Fuel Injected
  • 625 HP, 565 TQ
  • $189
    Order Today Ships 04/13/15
    Upgrade Engine

    LS 427ci Base Upgrade FI Engine
  • Upgrade for 1998-2010 Gen 3/Gen 4 Engines
  • 625 HP, 565 TQ
  • $99
    Order Today Ships 04/13/15
    Assembled Short Block

    LS 427ci Short Block

    4 Products