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Brodix 18-Degree X Small Block Chevy Aluminum Heads

Brodix 18-Degree X Small Block Chevy Aluminum Heads

Less Weight and More Power!

The Brodix Small Block Chevy 18-Degree X head is the best of both worlds: 18-Degree horsepower, no expensive shaft mount rockers or offset lifters required. It offers a dramatic horsepower gain over 23-Degree cylinder heads, ideal for budget-minded racers who want to go
faster. Other advantages are raised 245cc intake ports that flow over
320 cfm out of the box, 68cc combustion chambers, 2.140" intake and
1.600" exhaust valves!

Related Facts:
  • Torque Heads: 70 ft-lb
  • Torque Rocker Studs: 40-45 ft-lb
  • Recomended Head Studs: ARP 234-4727
  • Spark Plug Starting Points: NGK R5671A-9 for Alcohol NGK R5671A-8 for Racing Gas
  • Rocker Arms: 40/60 Spacing
  • Requires Special Pistons & Pushrods

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