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California MicroFiber Products

California Car Duster
California MicroFiber Products

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California Car Duster Company MicroFiber Products are the best for detailing you vehicle. MicroFiber material is 100-times finer than human hair and is lint free. MicroFiber products can be used for washing or dusting will not scratch paint or clear-coat. These products will absorb 7-10 times their weight when used for washing. This patent pending technology is durable, long lasting, and can be re-used hundreds of times.

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MicroFiber Detail Mitts

MicroFiber Detail Mitt
  • Lint free
  • Cleans without the need of chemicals
  • Wash and re-use hundreds of times
  • $8.99
    Order Today Ships 05/26/15

    1 Product