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Comp Cams FastLapSim5 Simulators

Comp Cams FastLapSim5 Simulators

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COMP Cams FastLapSim5 simulators accurately simulate the unimaginably complex interaction of forces, speeds, and accelerations generated by stock, high performance, or all-out race vehicles. A comprehensive step-by-step analysis of the interrelated physics is performed during every increment of vehicle motion (full analysis is completed 1,000 times per second!). The COMP Cams FastLapSim5 simulators derive an optimum driving path, braking points and forces, aerodynamics, throttle positions, transmission gears, shift-up and shift-down points, steering input, driver error, and more! Further analysis determines the best possible elapsed time for any track. Change any component in seconds and run back-to-back tests to "home in" on the ultimate setup for any vehicle and track.

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FastLapSim5 Track/Vehicle Simulator
  • CD-ROM Simulation w/Pro Tools
  • Windows98/Me/2000/XP/Vista & Win7
  • $158.99
    Order Today Ships 04/07/15

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