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Comp Cams Semi-Finished Pushrod Ends

Comp Cams Semi-Finished Pushrod Ends

Semi-Finished Pushrod Ends

If you don't see the exact pushrods you need in our part number listings, check out these semi-finished pushrods for the correct length and end type. You will order semi-finished pushrods in two separate pieces - 1) tubes and 2) ends.

How to order semi-finished pushrods:

First, select the proper pushrod diameter. Next, find appropriate part # for your correct tube length. With semi-finished pushrods, you must order the proper pushrod cutter to cut to length and ream the I.D. of tubing to allow for proper press fit of ends.

An example of how to order would be as follows: to order a 5/16" diameter pushrod that is 6.000" long with a 3/8" cup end, you would order the following part numbers: 249-K6805-16 (Pushrod Tubes) 249-3C5P-16 (Pushrod Ends) 249-KD516 (Cutter)

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Pushrod Ends

3/8" Pushrod End
  • 5/16" Cup For 3/8" Shaft
  • 16/pkg
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